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Like it or not, social media is the best way to grow your online business.You can reach the world for free just by sharing your thoughts - and then transform those followers into fans and happy customers.The potential trust and traffic is staggering.But these days, so is the competition.People are catching on to the 'audience-first approach'. Noise is on the rise. Generic content is flooding timelines.Attention is in high demand and limited supply.This means instead of getting great engagement, most people are stuck on social media with a lack of it (despite investing a lot of time).What you need is an edge.A way to guarantee you’re sharing the right ideas that resonate. A way to slice through the noise so you can reach more people. A way to create content that drives customers to your business.Let's talk about how the Viral Inspiration Lab can help.

Sorin Tontici


"I can't believe how easy this has made the writing process"

I started writing on Twitter recently and spent months going nowhere. Kieran's advice changed the game. After a few weeks I had my first taste of virality and have since written threads that got 14,000 likes, 5000 likes and tweets that have done similar. I'm coming up to 6000 followers in 4 months and I can't believe how easy this had made the writing process.



"Woke up to 7000 more followers"

I used to hate writing. I’d always struggled with sharing my ideas and could never keep consistent…. Now I look forward to it because people are engaging with my work and I'm landing clients just through Twitter as a result. I even wrote a thread recently and woke up to 7000 more followers just from following Kieran's principles.

The 3 types of people on social media (and why there's only one that counts)

When I started online, I thought the internet was split into two groups of people:Consumers and creators.But after 3 years of writing, it's clear there's another.One much smaller.The succeeders.These are those who've managed to do something with the attention they’ve gathered. They've built businesses, launched podcasts, and scaled newsletters.Look around, and you'll realize few people get there.Why?

It's because of the 'social media timesink'.Social media is a great opportunity, but also a massive distraction.Maybe you start with 20 minutes a day to grow your business. But before you know it, every spare minute you're stealing a quick glance at your phone.Here's the paradox:To succeed on social, you need to keep up with what works and what doesn't.But if you're on the platform all the time, you're less creative, more distracted, and much less motivated (anyone who has taken 2-3 days off Twitter realizes just how nice it is to give your mind a rest).

How I make social media effortless (and have more creative ideas)

I stumbled across the 'social media' solution when I found David Perell.I was struggling with creativity, and Perell runs the most premium and popular writing cohort online. He explains that, with the thousands of students he’s coached, everyone has creative potential.The problem is that schools stamp out your creative spark. In fact, a study by NASA showed that from 5 to 18 years old your creative genius potential drops from 98% to 2%.Perell's advice was to 'imitate then innovate'.Instead of writing from a blank screen, you start with other people's ideas.

So I began saving every great piece of content I found into a database.That was January 2022, and my writing improved fast because I wasn't just 'guessing' what would work anymore.When my friends noticed, they wanted it too. And after hearing how they found it useful, I released it to my audience - it became one of the most popular products in our space because it was genuinely useful (I still use it every week).

The main benefit of the Viral Inspiration Lab is that you don't need to waste time on social media to find high-quality ideas.You have thousands at your fingertips, available immediately.But I guarantee you'll write much better too.It's a bit like having stabilizers for learning how to ride a bike.When you start online, you don't know what works. You don't understand hooks or copywriting. But by having thousands of pre-validated ideas to inspire your own, you'll get into the groove much faster than if you were 'figuring it out yourself'....You fall off the bike much less.And before you know it, you're riding off into the sunset.Or, in this case, crafting clear, concise, and engaging ideas (that your audience loves to read).

Ciaran Houlihan

email marketing agency owner


"You'll see an instant return"

Arthur Dias | The King's Voice

communication coach


"Kieran's Viral Inspiration Lab is a gamechanger"

Takezo | Sword of Clarity

mindfulness coach


"This gave me timeless principles for everything I do on Twitter now"

Based Realist



"Brother Kieran, I absolutely loved the Viral Inspiration Lab!Never seen someone explaining the process of writing tweets & threads so perfectly. Got to learn a lot of new things. And the library of Threads is just perfect. You've solved one of my greatest problems of writing shitty hooks, haha.Thanks for building it. Gotta say it's highly undervalued."

Jake Victor



"When I first started writing on Twitter, I used the Twitter search bar to find what’s working in my niche and how I could use it to grow my audience. But it took me several minutes hours to find anything I could use for inspiration. But with the Viral Inspiration Lab, everything is in one place. One click and the idea pops in. Brilliant!"

Julia MacDonald



"Kieran's Viral Inspiration Lab is an amazing audience building course! It has incredibly useful content on audience building, Twitter thread writing, content writing, digital storytelling and much more.Moreover, Kieran keeps updating it with new and relevant information, so its value keeps going up.If you are looking to grow on Twitter or as a copywriter, this course is a must!"




"Kieran has put together a great collection of tweets and threads that will help you get your creative juices going. Highly recommended."

Eugene Kalinin

Business Coach


"There comes a time when you don't know what to write. The database in the Viral Inspiration Lab is an ultimate solver. I just open it and start reading through tweets or threads. It takes me a minute or two to get an idea for my next tweet. It just pops up in my head, really. And it's a good one, because it's inspired by good ones. Magic."

Dakota Robertson

Writer and entrepreneur


"I went through Kieran's course and he's got a solid understanding of what works on Twitter. I've seen him go from 1000 followers to 16,000. He's definitely figured out what works and has applied it himself. If you want to write on Twitter, this is what you need."

George Sisneros

twitter growth / accountability / life


"Damn. This curated list of inspiration is mind-blowing. Imagine going to the Louvre to get inspired to paint. That’s what the Viral Inspiration Lab is.I’ve already dissected some of the threads to better understand why they went viral!"

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

Course Creator & Coach


"Learning the skills of social media writing and attracting an audience can be daunting. There are so many voices shouting to use their methods. I’ve learned from several - some helpful and others far too general.Kieran’s Viral Inspiration Lab is exceptionally helpful. The combination of curated examples from which he developed his own skills and his easy-to-understand text and video lessons, is a gold mine for me. Kieran’s style is refreshingly unpretentious and authentic without the hype of over-promising. I can highly recommend the Viral Inspiration Lab and his personal coaching."

Spartan Psyche

transformation coach


"Kieran's advice on writing is absolutely fantastic and The Lab is a powerful resource for anyone on Twitter. Well worth the investment."

Jill Metcalfe

Notion Expert


"The Viral Inspiration Lab contains everything Kieran knows about growing a Twitter following. He doesn't hold anything back. This is honest, authentic advice, backed up with a database of hundreds of successful tweets that you can use for inspiration to write your own.Kieran's done everything for you. All you have to do is put in the work."


writer and community founder


"Kieran has completely changed the game with The Viral Lab. The video tutorials & multiple volumes of tweets & threads break down the core concepts of writing highly engaging content online.I’ve used it for a week and crossed on one of my tweets 1k likes already!If you’re a beginner or expert, this product is a must have!"

Logan | Landing pages

designer & copywriter


"It's quite literally a bank of the best-performing tweets on this side of Twitter. Not only is this a great resource to find inspiration, but you also teach them how to come up with their own, content plans, and a structure to follow at different follower counts."

Stephen | Success Theory

self performance and mindset coach


"I wish I had a tool like this when I started using Twitter. I have spent a few hours studying some of the best tweets and threads; this is an extremely valuable resource."

Eliot Rathe



"I normally search for hours every week to find inspiration. Now it's a matter of minutes. Everything is organized in one place.I literally can't exit the lab without being flooded with ideas."


productivity writer


"I had a baby recently and on those days when I can barely scrape my chin off the floor, let alone come up with ideas for Twitter content, the Viral Inspiration Lab has made my life so much easier. And since I bought it, Kieran added more and more resources until it became the place I go whenever I have free time (which admittedly isn't often) to improve my writing, storytelling—and even my overall Twitter strategy. Easily worth the investment, if you ask me!"

Phillip Rivers

7-fig email marketing agency owner


"The bottleneck for me is always ideation. Viral Inspiration lab has cut my writing time in half. This is a must buy if you're trying to write better."

Ken | The Writer's Guild

writer and community founder


"The Viral Inspiration Lab is super helpful and useful for learning about the process of writing . Before this course I didn’t realize how the looking glass technique was so engrained into how people wrote tweets but now I look at the process completely differently."

Subhajit | Resilient Human

life coach


"This is an incredibly valuable resource that you've put together. The content plan is packed with gems. And I really like the content pillars. I've been in this game for quite a while now. Still, I picked up quite a few things that I'm excited to try out. And the viral database is an unlimited source of inspiration
Amazing job Kieran!"

Get Life-Time Access... for less than 1 cent per tweet

Since starting the Lab, I’ve personally handpicked over 3,000 pieces of content to build the best idea inspiration database online.Almost 1,000 people use it now. But it hasn't been available directly for over 6 months. This weekend, I'm reopening access because I'm holding a live training on creativity and 'big ideas' for your brand for Lab customers (more on that below).Inside the Lab, you get:

  • Over 2,500 short-form pieces of content grouped into the 8 most popular topics that every audience enjoys… regardless of the niche!

  • Over 500 of the best-performing threads - arranged into ONLY 7 types of longer-form content you should be writing to get great engagement on social (trust me, don’t reinvent the wheel - just give it your unique spin)

  • NEW: A growing database of ‘long form’ posts that are performing well on X RIGHT NOW to see how the pros are adapting to the new algorithm… and how you can take advantage of it too!

Here's a sneak peak inside:

The Lab helps you waste less time and get faster results with your writing, so it's perfect for entrepreneurs using social media to scale their business, or creators who want to evolve into fully fledged entrepreneurs.Considering I've probably spent hundreds of hours building it now, I hope you can see how it might be valuable.If you'd like access, you can grab the entire database for just $199.Which is a reasonable $0.06 per idea!And by the way, that’s lifetime access.The Lab started with just a few hundred ideas, and the price has risen the more I add to it. So even when the database is 10x the size, you won’t spend a single penny more.

P.S. One more thing (or, a couple of things!)…Let me tell you about that training and the other bonuses you'll get if you invest today:


A LIVE training on how to use the 'Looking Glass Technique', unlock your creativity, improve the quality of your ideas, and build a magnetic message for your business

The more creative you are, the better your ideas, the better your business goes.You’ll be invited to an exclusive training sharing what I’ve learned about becoming a more creative, magnetic writer.This’ll include:

  • How to use the ‘Looking Glass Technique’ as your ‘stabilizers’ to find your writing groove fast

  • My favourite techniques to unlock your creativity based on personal experiments (this will be good if you want to write better content, emails, or copy - and interested in improving your routine)

  • What a ‘big idea’ truly is - and how to understand the underlying psychology so you can sharpen your content to slice through the noise

  • My never-shared-before method for ‘building a world’ around your ideas (I’ll show what I’m doing to make Digital Freedom one of the most popular concepts in our space - this goes much deeper than just having an inside joke around your brand)

  • A Q&A where we deep dive into your writing questions

This training will be given live on Monday the 30th October at 3pm GMT, but will also be recorded if you can’t make it.


The Fundamentals of Longer Form Content

I built this guide for thread writing last year. Threads are a little more out of fashion right now, but the principles are the same for long form posts and LinkedIn posts.You’ll learn:

  • How to write magnetic hooks that pull your reader’s attention away from the doom-scrolling and into your world

  • The real reason why long form content MUST be your focus if you want to stand out from the competition

  • The biggest mistake 90% of people make when they choose content topics and what you should do instead

  • The 10 best performing ‘big ideas’ for growth and authority and which to focus on if you have no audience (yet!)

  • How to structure longer form content so you can hold people’s attention until the end

  • How to finish your threads to guarantee a higher conversion of strangers to followers

  • The advice I wish I heard 2 years ago on how to go viral, grow an audience and grow with threads

(By the way, it’s super easy to convert threads into long-form posts following the same principles).


Every back issue of Fire Tweet Friday

In 2022, I sent 26 newsletters breaking down the psychology behind viral content and how you can ‘steal like an artist’ to improve your writing.This is basically the stabilizer principle in action.The emails are quick reads and explain 3 ideas per edition - so that’s 78 deep dives to help you get a firmer grasp on how to write heavy hitting content.


The Digital Storytelling Seminar

I first gave this training to my old community ‘Freedom Writers’ sharing how to build your brand with storytelling. These ideas are some of the core reasons I became a go-to voice in our space.In this 90-minute value-packed presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to build your brand around “The Hero’s Journey” so your audience is hooked on your message

  • How to tell your story on X through simple tweets and threads… without coming across as self-absorbed

  • Why the “Progress in Public model” is the most powerful path for online success… and how you can do it right

  • How to establish yourself as a pro within your niche in half the time using the “Authority by Association” technique

  • How storytelling translates to business… and how to productize your progress instead of waiting for years to ‘become an expert’


The Ultimate Copywriting Resource Compilation

Copywriting is the closest you can get to a digital cheat code for your business. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you should spend the time understanding the fundamentals (it’s how you sell your ideas, products, and services).I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning copy, and I save the best resources I find so you don’t have to:

  • The only 10 copywriting books you should buy… And why I DON’T recommend the same stuff you see on X all the time

  • The email copywriter lists you NEED to sign up for if you want to see how great copy is put together every day

  • Over 69 podcasts JUST on copywriting that I’ve found to have seriously useful information

  • The YouTube channels to check out that will give 100x more value than any $1997 copywriting course

  • Who to follow on X to 10x your writing skills… and a compilation of the most informative copywriting threads

  • The greatest courses online (both free and paid) so you're not left guessing which to give your focus

  • A collection of modern and old salespages for inspiration and ‘copy work’

Aside from these bonuses, you’re also covered by my:


2 week ‘no creativity'

money-back guarantee

It should be pretty obvious if this resource is for you or not. If you see the benefit in having loads of great ideas in one place, then I have no doubt you’ll get immense value from the Viral Inspiration Lab.But if, for any reason, you decide it’s not for you, just let me know within 2 weeks with a quick email to kieran@kierandrew.com and I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

Aha! You’re still here…

I ain’t gonna try bribe you with anything else… so you’re either reading because you’re still not sure, or you just enjoy reading copy and need to get out more (me too).So let me be honest:You can build the Lab yourself. While I’ve been doing it for almost 17 months, all of these ideas are public.They’re not secret.They’re not hidden behind paywalls.In fact, since I built the Lab, I’ve seen people try to create their own databases as free ‘Giveaways’ - so you can probably search for them too.But here’s why you might invest with me instead:I personally handpick the content inside this database.Not to toot my own horn, but I know good writing when I see it.So you can be sure the stuff inside is worth studying (especially the content from the past 3-6 months as the algorithm has changed). Plus, it stops you from relying on multiple documents and databases. Or worse, scrolling the timeline for inspiration.One great idea can be a catalyst for anyone creating content.Come join us and get thousands:


Does this just work for X?

Nope. The reason I use X to build the database is because of the sheer volume of content on the platform. It’s like a live auction place of ideas - audiences vote with their attention. It’s easy to use the database to inspire your emails, video content, or repurpose for whatever platform you’d like. Remember - it’s the idea that counts.

Isn’t this just copying other people?

There’re plenty of copycats out there on X and I have no interest in you becoming one. That’s why I’m giving a webinar on ‘Big Ideas’. When you understand the underlying psychology of writing that works, you can add your unique spin for great results.

How does the database actually work?

I usually mess around on X for 20-30 minutes a day while at the gym. I bookmark every piece of content that catches my eye, and sort them into folders based on categories. I add the content in reverse chronological order so that you can see what’s working right now, vs what was working in the past (often it’s the same, but it’s interesting to see trends shift). The database is live, so you just need to check it when you want to use it and you’ll find more ideas.

I don’t have Notion, is that a problem?

You can access this database on any web browser (I actually don’t have the Notion app either, I prefer it all on browser - so the usability is completely fine).

I struggle to be consistent – will this be a waste of money?

Maybe. Maybe not. At the end of the day, consistency is about making your process easier. The Lab will 100% do that for you. But I can’t (and won’t) promise a miracle cure for your writing - you need to do the work to get the results.

Is this product just for writers?

Nope. If you have any need to attract attention, this is for you. Entrepreneurs, coders, coaches, consultants, podcasters - whatever really. This is a resource to help generate more traffic to the thing you love to do most.

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